Thursday, July 07, 2016

A gulp of salvation

So here I am…
Entrapped in the storm deep inside
Pray with the last voice of this weary heart
To have a swift chance to see your light
Yet, the unforgiving reality shows me no mercy

Agony rushes to my vein
Noticing that I might lose that chance
Deserted on this solitude isle of misery, again
Right after reviving a faith when up before you I stand
You, O dear friend, give me a reason to ascent
After seeing my self stumbles upon the pool of grievance
Neglected, abandoned, hopeless, and hardly breathing

Keepsake of the past clearly flaunted from your lovely eyes
A bruise that somehow I can feel in my shattered heart
Rings a bell for this spirit to do everything for a healing
This reality, however, cling my feet to the ground
I can’t be there yet, I know, but please know that I’m dying for
Kindly bestow me time and I’ll rush to mend that ruptured heart
And share stories, journeys, and mysteries of the starry ‘B-six twelve’.


I thought that I will never be able to write that kind of poem again, after I lose that power since loosing my first love. But after all that happened to me, now I know that somehow I can do it again.

Well, this story with her did not end as I expected, because the feeling turned out to be one-sided. But at least, I found a good conclusion: after all that happened to me, I don't lose hope in love, I can fall in love again, rationally. I know how to love properly, to be romantic, but at the same time to know when to stop.

So, in accordance to my best lesson of my failure in marriage: never look back; then... I decided to go on.. My journey is still long... Well.. I know that she's flattered for the poem, and proudly putting that in her instagram. Making someone happy, and proud, is not low, right? :)

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